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Marc B. Garnick, M’72, G.M.E.’76

When Marc B. Garnick, M.D., G.M.E., meets with other School of Medicine alumni, their conversations inevitably revolve around their early days at Penn. The memories vary, but the theme is usually the same.

“Every single one of us,” he says, “had a memorable and positive experience, especially due to the camaraderie of fellow classmates and Penn’s excellent and committed faculty.”

More than 30 years after his student days ended, Dr. Garnick has become one of the School’s most devoted advocates. In addition to serving on the Medical Alumni Leadership Council and providing other kinds of support, last year he and his wife, Bobbi, created a deferred charitable gift annuity to the Medical Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund.

“I wish I could give so much more,” he says. “The School of Medicine provided me with the tools for establishing a professionally meaningful life and a livelihood for my family. You just cannot put a value on that.”

Today, Dr. Garnick is a nationally recognized expert in urological cancer. He lectures throughout the country and is the author of “A Patient’s Guide to Prostate Cancer.” He divides his time between clinical practice and teaching at Harvard Medical School, where he is a full professor, and serving as executive vice president and chief medical officer of Praecis Pharmaceutical, Inc.

For Dr. Garnick, drug development is particularly exciting because of its potential to help thousands of patients. Not surprisingly, Dr. Garnick sees an important place for his alma mater in this area. “Drug development and extending people’s lives is the lifeline of medicine,” he says. “Penn Medicine is the perfect vehicle to bring the two worlds of business and academics together.”

Dr. Garnick will do “whatever it takes” to bring more support to the School. To that end, he and his wife have hosted dinners for alumni at their home outside of Boston. “We see these events as a way to inspire others to get involved and give back to an excellent institution.”

Dr. Garnick’s planned gift, with its current tax deduction and partially tax-free payments during retirement, helped him find a way to make a significant gift as well as enhance his own financial future. His deferred charitable gift annuity is just one of many creative gift opportunities that benefit both the School of Medicine and its donors.

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