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David Guarnieri, M’84, and Kathy Guarnieri, M.D.

Drs. David and Kathy Guarnieri, both anesthesiologists, have always placed great value on education. Although they earned medical degrees from different schools, they agree that the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine prepared David extremely well. “I would not be where I am without my degree from the School of Medicine,” says David, a member of the Medical Class of 1984. “It was a basis, a wonderful beginning for my profession. And even though she did not attend, Kathy has a great appreciation for the School as well.”

The Guarnieris, who live in Scottsdale, Arizona, decided to transform their heartfelt appreciation into a scholarship that is included in their will. The David M. and Kathleen M. Guarnieri Scholarship will provide a world-class education to many students who otherwise could not afford it. The Guarnieris want future generations of medical students to experience “the best of the best” with the high-caliber education, admiration from their peers and pride that a University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine education can deliver.

Kathy says, “We decided to make a planned gift, which we feel is a wonderful way to perpetuate our name and to extend our gratitude to the School of Medicine.”

“We have taken stock of our lives,” David adds, “and we are happy with where we are. It now feels like the right time to give back. The only way we got to be where we are is through Penn. Through the wonderful vehicle of planned giving, we will be able to give others the same opportunities we had.”

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