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Charles W. Rohrbeck, M’58

When Charles W. Rohrbeck, M.D., Medical Class of 1958, first set foot on the Penn campus more than 50 years ago, he was awestruck. He could not believe his dream of going to medical school had come true. Fifty years later, while attending Medical Alumni Weekend for his class reunion, that sense of awe was ever present. “I marveled at the new buildings going up and the new realms of research that are being developed,” he says. “The School of Medicine is truly the epicenter of learning and I am so proud to be an alumnus.”

Dr. Rohrbeck is a retired obstetrician-gynecologist who lives in State College, Pennsylvania, with his wife of more than 50 years, Annette. He hears students express their fears of the “exorbitant cost” of medical school and says, “This is another difference. Attending medical school was doable in my time. Now it is almost out of reach.”

To make a superior medical education more accessible to Penn Medicine students, Dr. Rohrbeck celebrated his 50th reunion by supporting the Medical Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund with a charitable gift annuity.  To him, this method of planned giving is a “win-win” situation. “It is a perfect scenario,” he says. “I get a tax exempt annual income, while at the same time supporting Penn in a very meaningful way.” Musing about the students, he says, “They should follow their dreams, just as I did. As they walk around campus, they should be full of amazement and be proud that they are attending Penn.”


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