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Charlotte Snyder

Charlotte Snyder and Douglas Fraker, M.D.
Charlotte Snyder and Douglas Fraker, M.D.

Thirty years ago, Penn legend Jonathan E. Rhoads, M.D., G.M.E.’40, gave Charlotte Snyder a gift unlike any other — six more years with her husband, Arnold. Inspired by the eminent surgeon’s expertise and friendship, Mrs. Snyder created two charitable gift annuities and established a bequest supporting the Jonathan E. Rhoads Endowed Professorship in Surgery. “Arnold and I talked it over and we knew that giving to this professorship was the ideal way to show our gratitude,” she recalls. “I know my gift is not only a way to honor Dr. Rhoads, it is a way to honor Arnold.”

Dr. Rhoads, a former Penn provost and chair of the Department of Surgery, died in 2002 at the age of 94. Today, the Rhoads Professorship is held by Douglas Fraker, M.D., chief of the Division of Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery. Last October, Mrs. Snyder spoke with Dr. Fraker at an event celebrating endowed professorships. “He was wonderful,” she says. “I can see that he has the same qualities that Dr. Rhoads had — a strong dedication to his work and his patients.” That evening, Mrs. Snyder met other donors who support the more than 120 endowed professorships at the School of Medicine. “All of us are providing support for future research and medical education,” Mrs. Snyder says. “It just brings me a particular joy that I can do this.”

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